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    Better results with SAP Business One

    When companies implement SAP Business One  they expect better processes and more productive production. But achieving and maintaining this is an ongoing process that goes beyond the implementation of an ERP-system. Two approaches are included. – One is the step-by-step structure of the dashboards. – The second approach is to better evaluate key figures with […]


    Activity Based Cost Management …created with boyum Dashboards

    Activity Based Cost Management Knowing the effort you have to put into processing an order, being able to see the direct costs incurred for the delivery of products, assessing which costs are incurred for new products, this is the basis of the daily decisions that are made. Activity based cost management arranges costs in such […]


    SAP Business One Key Performance Indicators Customers

    SAP Business One Performance Indicators Customers should provide a better view of the customer. Don’t search for information in a cumbersome and time-consuming way, but press the buttons when you have the customer on your screen and the information is available. The point is to have exactly the information available that is needed. Dashboards help […]

    SAP Business One Key Performance Indicators Resources

    SAP Business One Sometimes improving what you have already achieved is relatively simple. SAP Business One provide users with wide-ranging functions for analysis and controlling. Similar to reporting: from an overview into the details. The “Productivity” dashboard can be used to identify the weaknesses of production. These are precisely the figures which should       be specifically influenced. Indicators We have developed […]

    Contribution Margin Customer

    SAP Business One Dashboard Contribution Margin Customer

    Dashboard Contribution Margin Customer The dashboard uses post-calculation (beasmanufactoring). The time period is determined there. The revenues of this period and the costs of the orders produced for the customer are compared and the contribution margin is determined. The dashboard can be accessed via a function button on the business partner master data.   Available […]

    SAP Business One Dashboard Efficiency Resource

    Dashboard Efficiency Resource The dashboard uses the production orders and shows in which resources which productivity is achieved. When you select a resource, you see which production orders have been produced. The quantities, the production date and the achieved productivity are shown. Besides it is evaluated how robust the production is.   Available in several […]

    Improvement Item

    SAP Business One Dashboard Improvement Item

    Dashboard Improvement Item The dashboard uses the production orders in which the item was manufactured. It shows which quantities were produced with which productivity. It also evaluates how robust the production is. The list display can be sorted by quantity, date and productivity.   Available in several languages. If you are interested in using the […]


    SAP Business One Dashboard Contribution Margin Company

    Contribution Margin Company The dashboard shows the contribution margins per month of the last 12 months. The costs are calculated with the post calculation of beasmanufactoring. The dashboard shows different summaries of the costs. These are the direct costs, the order-related costs, the costs for customer service and marketing as well as the fixed costs […]

    SAP Business One: Cost Accounting with Business Performance

    Business Performance allows cost analysis which shows the costs of cost centres as well as a profitability analysis which lists facts and figures by product group. This is usually presented in the form of multi-level contribution margin accounting. The module “Business Performance” includes Structure, distribution, apportionment of fix and variable costs » Cost types, cost […]


    SAP Business One Key Performance Indicators Items

    SAP Business One Performance Indicators Products offer a diverse level of information depth – Sales, sales development – Contribution margins and their development – Stocks and their development, stock values of purchased       parts/assemblies and stocks in production – Productivity with which the products are manufactured – Overview of order quantities and their productivity […]


    SAP Business One Simulation Cost and Efficiency

    Based on the recorded sales orders and the bills of material, the dashboard calculates sales volume and material requirements for the next 4 months. The costs will be extrapolated over the next 4 months. Production figures supplement the simulation and show  efficiency gaps ( h/month, % ). The production output is calculated according to statistical methods from […]

    SAP Business One: Personnel Management with Operating Figures

    Cost accounting is a central function of every company. How can you know which hourly and overhead rates are correct? How can you discuss how costs can be influenced with a person responsible for a cost centre, if you do not know the specific costs of his or her respective cost centre? It is of […]