SAP Business One: Cost Accounting with Business Performance

Business Performance allows cost analysis which shows the costs of cost centres as well as a profitability analysis which lists facts and figures by product group. This is usually presented in the form of multi-level contribution margin accounting.

Structure, distribution, apportionment of fix and variable costs

  • » Cost types, cost centers, groupings, distribution and       apportionment keys
  • » Free definable structures, groupings, aggregations
  • » Calculation of hourly rates (full and marginal costs) for calculation and direct costing

Cost objects, profit and loss, contribution accounting, process costing

  • » Definition of cost objects, e.g. lines of products
  • » Profit and loss statements per line of product revenues from accounting)
  • » Flexible structure, multi-level contribution accounting, contributions for product calculation
  • » Calculations of process-based costs consideration of transaction data)

Companies therefore have meaningful data which ultimately serves to help decision-making of all kinds. If this is complemented with additional SAP Business One dashboards, the process is optimised in a number of respects, resulting in concrete profitable advantages for your business.

We provide services for the introduction of the module “Business Performance” of beasmanufactoring.

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