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Performance Management stands for

  • Ressources

    This dashboard shows you the productive hours as a ratio of the total production hours. The productive hours are recorded via beas order time recording. This therefore represents the hours that have been productively worked on orders. The total hours are recorded via beas attendance recording. The productivity shows the productive proportion of the hours as a percentage. The last 12 days, 12 weeks and 12 months are each displayed and these can be selected via a menu.

    Monitor Ressources
  • Value Added

    The dashboard shows the development of sales over the last few years, with the monthly figures shown in the sales development. The years can be selected via a menu, while in addition to sales and material procurement are also displayed. Personnel costs are taken and displayed from the accounts of SAP financial accounting.

    Monitor Value Added
  • Order Monitoring

    The dashboard reflects the order situation, staffing and productivity of a workgroup. The display is split into three parts. In the every section, the order situation is presented as well as when the order was launched, You see the customers, the priority of the order, the status and the deadlines of the production department. In addition, the dashboard also displays the work progress achieved up to now on that day.

    Monitor Order Monitoring
  • Business Performance

    The dashboard refer to the beas cost accounting. There you can define your structure for the P/L statement. The types of revenues and costs applied in beas cost-object profitability are used. You can select the year and the product group and the types of revenues and costs are presented for this year. In addition you see the figures of the year, costs, hours, hourly rates.

    Monitor Business Performance